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Live Musik "Furbo Tango Trio"

Live Musik "Furbo Tango Trio"

Freitag 07. April 2017

Ab 21 Uhr / 10

Bandoneon: Pablo Acuña
Guitarra: Nahuel Roht
Facundo Tudisco: Contrabajo

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"Furbo" is a Argentinian's Tango trío. Sounds like "Troilo Tango Style". It is bandoneón, classic guitar and bass, three instruments that together create a "arrabalero", almost folks, but very "tangero" sound. The repertoire includes all the arrangements of the legendary: "Troilo & Grela's Cuartet," one of the most important bands in the history of tango.This group formed by Aníbal Troilo in bandoneón and Roberto Grela in clasical guitar, (among others) lasted from 1953 to 1962 and with only two albums released is perhaps one of the best examples of the genre and groups, in which the bandoneón and classical guitar are the protagonists.

This repertoire is perfect for dance or just listen, because it has the rhythm ("canyenge") especially for a milonga's nigth, and the musical richness of tango "in camera." Furbo adds his personal touch, since it is formed by young musicians of the XXI century. In a very different Buenos Aires of 50's and 60's. It is interesting to know how this repertoire sounds today.

Pablo Acuña (bandoneón), Nahuel Roht (clássical guitar) and Facundo Tudisco (bass) are three profecionales musicians who have studied with some of the greatest masters of tango as Rodolfo Mederos, Roberto Siri, Sergio Rivas (among others) and have presented in renowned theaters, milongas, pubs and cafés in Buenos Aires City as Golden Hall of the House of Culture of the city, The National Academy of Tango Argentino, "The 36 Billiards", "Confiteria Ideal", "Los Laureles" Pub, Museum of tango, Café Tortoni, Anibal Troilo's House, "Usina del Arte", CCC (Culture and Cooperation Center), CAFF "Club Atlético Fernández Fierro," Buenos Aires Tango Festival, among others.